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Why sell now? The price of gold is the highest it's been in years! Many people have broken or damaged jewelry, outdated styles, or pieces they inherited that they do not wear. During a difficult economy with bills to pay, it's a great time to TRADE YOUR OLD GOLD FOR CASH.

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What do we buy?

Why should you sell to Icebox? You get your money immediately from someone you trust. You don't have to pay shipping or insurance charges. We can give you the BEST PRICE FOR YOUR GOLD. To get the real scoop on why you should sell to us and not a mail in program, check out this story from ABC.

If you prefer to mail in your items, you do have that choice. You can mail in your items and include your telephone number. We will call to discuss your items with you on a personal basis. We will mail your check for payment immediately.

Not sure what valuable scrap items you have? Bring all of the items in for a FREE EVALUATION. We are happy to let you know what options you have for selling your old jewelry items.

Don't want to sell all of your items? We have a goldsmith on staff that can fix or refurbish your gold or platinum jewelry. Contact Icebox for more information today.